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Snakewood (wood)

Snakewood is a reddish brown colour with black spot-like markings. This wood is rare and precious and resembles the skin of a snake. It comes from Guyana and Suriname (South America). It is a very dense wood, is very resistant and has a beautiful finish.


This particular wood is also used for violin bows, knife handles and certain types of jewellery.

The snakewood shafts are not varnished. The wood is finished by a polishing process.

Over time, snakewood becomes slightly darker.

Snakewood should not be confused with the French “bois serpent”, which is not as dense and is not as rare or precious.

French term: “Bois d’Amourette”
German term: “Schlangenholz”
Scientific term: “Brosimum guianense”
(formerly: Brosimum tessmannii or Piratinera guianensis)